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Master Cigar Blenders
Who are the Master Cigar Blenders:
The Master Cigar Blenders are a collaboration of some of the top master blenders in the cigar industry, coming together to create some of the most amazing cigar blends available today. To give back to their valuable customers that have been there for them throughout the years. Blended in their own factories residing in the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. Each Master Cigar Blenders blend is the personal creation of a master blender. Inspired by their own personal taste and years of experience creating top manufacturer brands. Each master blender set a personal task to deliver a cigar that would be a statement of their talents. Each blend is overseen by each master blender to ensure the highest quality cigars and most consistent blends you can experience. Each cigar blend is aged for years, allowing all the tobacco to blend, giving you a cigar that will tantalize your palate with an array of flavors. The results are true master pieces that will have your palate screaming for more! A true achievement of excellence!
These cigars have been blended to match and exceed any premium blended cigar you have experienced.
In these tough times, it can be difficult getting a nice cigar that you can really enjoy without spending all of your much-needed cash. This is the whole premises of Master Cigar Blenders. A Collaboration of some of the top master blenders in an effort to help ease the financial burden of the cigar afficionado. To offer amazing high-end cigars that are affordable to everyone. In order to keep the costs down as much as possible, each master blenders factory is offering their cigars for only their cost of creation. As well as packaging their cigars in only bundle wraps. This is about giving you a super premium rare cigar that won't break the bank and these ARE Super Premium Cigars. Cigar aficionados all over that have been affected by our times can finally enjoy an amazing cigar at a price you can enjoy every day. You will experience the pure enjoyment of rare cigar blends that have been crafted by the the top blenders in the world, just for you!
A truly exquisite cigar is not in the name or the brand displayed on a cigar, but in the quality and care put into the cigars themselves.


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