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Master Cigar Blenders
The VIP Store is our rewards section for frequent buyer customers. Each purchase you make from MasterCigarBlenders will earn you VIP Points. VIP Points are used towards purchases from our VIP Store. VIP Store items will display the VIP Points cost next to each item available to purchase. All items purchased from the VIP Store include FREE SHIPPING! The more items you buy from our regular store, the more VIP Points you earn.

The VIP Store offers more than cigars and cigar accessories.
Here is a sample of items that will be available in the VIP Store.

  • Cigars and Accessories
  • Permanent discounts off products
  • Permanent discounts off Shipping Costs
  • Sporting Equipment and Accessories (Golf, Fishing, Etc...)
  • Gift Cards for Entertainment
* New items are added regularly!

In order to make purchases from the VIP Store, you MUST first unlock the VIP Store. To unlock the VIP Store, you will use VIP BADGES that are earned with every purchase from You will need to earn 1000 VIP Badges to unlock the VIP Store. Once unlocked, it is permanently unlocked. If you wish to speed up the process of unlocking the VIP Store, you can purchase VIP Badges separately from the MasterCigarBlenders website.
There are 4 VIP Levels that can be unlocked. Each level introduces new items available for VIP Purchase.
  • Bronze Level
  • Silver level
  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level
Once the VIP Store is unlocked, eveyone will initially be set as a BRONZE Level customer. As you purchase VIP Items from the VIP Store, you earn VIP Level points. Once you earn enough VIP Level points to unlock the next level, the next level will be automatically unlocked and you can begin purchasing. Once a level is unlocked, it is permanently unlocked, which means you will be able to purchase from all levels you have already unlocked. Each new Level display will additional items not available in other levels. Each VIP Level will give you the opportunity to purchase additional permanent discounts that are good for item purchases throughout the MasterCigarBlenders regular store.
Discounts such as:
  • Permanent Percentage off all regular store items (up to 20% OFF!)
  • Permanent Percentage off all shipping costs. (up to 50% OFF!)
* Permanent Discount levels do not apply to the VIP Store items.
Use your VIP Points to exchange for Gaming Points. Gaming points are used to play games we have included on the MasterCigarBlenders. You can attempt to earn more Gaming points by playing these games, such as Slots and soon to come Blackjack! You can use your Gaming point earnings from these games to exchange for VIP Points and use them to purchase items from the VIP Store.


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